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Curved Scissors 4" #703


These Curved Blade Scissors are great for all your needle arts & crafts:


● Famore Curved Scissors allow safe Controlled Cuts for everything from Quilting and Embroidery Crafting, to surgical stitching, and even pet grooming.


● Famore 4" Curved Scissors are greatly used in crafting: Embroidery, Quilting, and other sewing crafts that often involve situations in which scissors with curved blades can be extremely useful for controlled cuts.


● The Curved Blades protects your projects from getting jabbed, stabbed, or snagged.


For example, you may need to carefully tease out and snip a thread without worrying about damaging the surrounding threads or the underlying fabric, in which case Famore's 4" Curved Scissors are ideal.


Our hand crafted Famore brand scissors are forged from a German grade stainless steel.

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